Senior Safety Engineer – Fire Protection / THE00W8 Den Haag Zuid-Holland

Senior Safety Engineer – Fire Protection / THE00W8 Den Haag Zuid-Holland

Senior Safety Engineer – Fire Protection / THE00W8 Den Haag Zuid-Holland

Senior Safety Engineer - Fire Protection

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For the role Safety Engineering Consultant (Loss prevention/ Fire protection) Significant technical experience and skills in:

  • Fire Protection Philosophy
  • Active Fire Protection
  • Fire water demand calculation, Hydraulic calculations, FW layout, FW UFD &P&ID’s, Heat radiation contours, monitoring covering, requisitions, etc
  • Passive Fire Protection
  • Specifications, layouts
  • Fire and Gas Detection
  • Philosophy, Specifications, requisitions, layouts
  • Uitgangs punten document (UPD) for the Dutch authorities


Our client is a leading global provider of professional project and asset services in the energy, chemicals, and resources sector. Worldwide, 51,000 of the world's brightest minds collaborate in the fields of energy, chemicals, and resources to create a more sustainable world. As a global team, they all share one thing in common: they thrive on challenges and are working to solve the complexities of the energy, chemicals, and resources sector. Due to climate change, the focus is on energy transition to achieve the shared goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.


Topstad brings clients and technicians together for both temporary and permanent contracts. We have a wide range of experience in guiding highly skilled technical professionals coming from abroad to start working in the Netherlands. We will assist you through all kinds of issues such as legislation, permit requirements and housing. Our motto is "Making it work together!". This is the basis for a long-term cooperation and we are happy to support you and your career. We offer you a competitive salary within the sector and in addition, we pay out an annual profit share and we never forget your birthday!


Safety Engineering consultants are responsible for Safety Engineering Management/ Regulatory Compliance/ Technical Safety/ Environmental Engineering/ Loss Prevention/ Human Factor Engineering/ Sustainability/ Noise:

  • Leadership skills in Safety Engineering with ability to handle complex multi-office projects
  • Carrying the responsibility for the project success and providing strong direction for the team
  • Plans and manages the work, managing the financial aspects of the discipline, including the man-hour estimates and margin goals. Ensures effective management of change
  • Understanding of project business case and reflect this in the work environment such as productivity, schedule, workhour control, innovation etc
  • Be involved in development and implementation of activities such as the latest technology and methods to improve efficiency, accuracy and productivity for the department
  • Takes personal responsibility for safety and a healthy environment on the projects and demonstrating this by example
  • Can work as an efficient team with project management and other disciplines
  • Excellent communication and co-ordination skills (both verbal and written)

Experience qualifications:

  • Master’s or Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Mechanical/ Chemical Engineering or in another relevant engineering discipline from an internationally accredited university
  • Experience of Safety Engineering work in the Energy Transition (Petro-) chemical industry
  • Experience of Safety Engineering work for projects
  • Capable of working independently
  • In the possession of driver’s license
  • Familiar with European, and International rules and regulations related to Safety Engineering and in particular to Fire Protection
  • Dutch Language is mandatory (To communicate with local fire brigade and reporting as part of Permit application)
  • 8-10 years experience