Maintenance Trade Engineer Den Haag Zuid-Holland

Maintenance Trade Engineer Den Haag Zuid-Holland

Maintenance Trade Engineer Den Haag Zuid-Holland

Maintenance Trade Engineer (Offshore)

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Main tasks:

  • Is the technical focal point and specialist for the trade he is responsible for.
  • Is the technical backup for the complete organization in his trade.
  • Prepares maintenance jobs needing extensive preparation.
  • Responsible for adding the material masters and or services including all relevant technical specifications into the CMMS.
  • Assist the senior technician and or supervisor in specific trouble shooting.
  • Assists maintenance support in fact finding and root cause analysis.
  • Analyses the causes of breakdowns,
  • Trains and instructs technicians, senior technicians and work preparators in his field of expertise.
  • Is responsible for onshore repairs and modifications.
  • Orders all means necessary for execution of the job.
  • Informs all site personnel of general maintenance updates by means of a technical news flash


  • Guard the integrity of the installations for his trade.
  • Is responsible to stay up to date in his field of specialization.
  • Is responsible for the planning of jobs for his specific trade.
  • Judges whether his assistance is required offshore.
  • Is aware of “non-standard” occurrences and specifications.
  • Authorizes and validates all corrective jobs with priority 0 or 1, repairs and corrective jobs by 3rd parties.


Our client is a multinational and they employ more than 100,000 people in over 130 countries. Together with their subsidiaries and sister companies, they are the fourth largest, publicly traded, integrated oil and gas company in the world. In the Netherlands, they operate through independent subsidiaries. Each of them has their own unique history, distinctive expertise and clientele, but they are all guided in their day-to-day activities by the four cornerstone behaviours of the organisation wide attitude. These form the basis of their shared identity: boldness, listening, mutual support and cross-functionality. They all contribute to power the way the world moves and works, and serve their customers with technologically advanced products that improve the quality of life.


Topstad has been bringing clients and technicians together for 20 years, for both temporary and permanent contracts. We have a wide range of experience in guiding highly skilled technical professionals coming from abroad to start working in the Netherlands. We will assist you through all kinds of issues such as legislation, permit requirements and housing. Our motto is "Making it work together!". This is the basis for a long-term cooperation and we are happy to support you and your career. We offer you a competitive salary within the sector and in addition, we pay out an annual profit share and we never forget your birthday!


  • MBO/HBO education with a technical background.
  • > 3 years of experience.
  • A highly motivated team player with good written communication, computer and management skills.
  • Technically well founded and a good knowledge of the principles related to the process and equipment of oil and gas treatment installations.
  • Highly adaptable and service minded.
  • Medical fit according to NOGEPA rules.
  • MTE can communicate and comprehend accurately, clearly and concisely in Dutch and English